Educator Resources The KU Natural History Museum has a variety of resources available for you to explore science topics with your classes onsite in the museum and in the classroom.  Many items were created by museum educators and KU scientists as part of grant-funded projects, which reach more than 150,000 online users including K-12 students and teachers each year.

At the Museum

Exhibit Activities

Explore our exhibits with your students using these differentiated or NGSS linked exhibit activities suitable for middle school and above.

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Discovery Guides

Museum discovery guides provide ways for groups to explore together.



For the Classroom & Online: Evolution

The Tree Room

Visit the For Teachers section for quick activities and lessons to teach with and about evolutionary tree diagrams.

A Fisheye View of the Tree of Life external fish anatomy

Use the Fisheye view of the tree of life online module to explore fish characters, relationships and evolutionary innovations.

Investigating A Deep Sea Mystery internal fish anatomy

In the Investigating A Deep Sea Mystery lab activity students unravel the mystery of deep sea fishes' classification by analyzing morphological and phylogenetic data to test alternative hypotheses.

Virus and the Whale book cover

Explore Evolution

Use these student activities from Virus and the Whale to follow seven scientists to their labs and into the field.